Invitation to Tender for Commercial PR


Istanbul Readywear Cluster

Invitation to Tender for Commercial PR,
Dutch Market-Oriented Company Analysis, Collection Guidance

Scope of Work


Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB) is one of the most important associations of the Turkish apparel sector, which is itself one of the leading industrial sectors in Turkey. That was founded in 1986, is one of the four exporters associations under the General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association (ITKIB). The Association, which has 9.425 members comprising 75% of Turkey's total apparel exports amounting to some US dollars 17 billion annually, plays a central role in the apparel industry as a whole.


The first goal of IHKIB is to enhance its members' competitive advantages and find opportunities through which member companies can develop new B2B relationships and establish effective communication for business purposes. Istanbul Ready-Made Garment Exporters' Association is one of the leading organizations in Turkey with longtime experience in both nationally and internationally funded projects with proven success and acknowledged outputs.


IHKIB is currently carrying out Istanbul Readywear Cluster Project with 21 apparel manufacturers who work for the best known international brands and have strong collection capability. The main goal of the cluster is to “support cluster companies in the face of global economic challenges through enhancing business and institutional collaboration and networking for territorial innovation and competitiveness” as set by Ministry of Trade of Turkey. Istanbul Readywear Cluster is formed as a result of the project called “Improving International Competitiveness of Readwear Garment Sector (URGE)”. This cluster based project is coordinated by IHKIB and funded by Ministry of Trade in Turkey with a vision to mobilize local dynamics to reinforce Turkish SMEs' sustainability on international trading environment.


Istanbul Readywear Cluster aims to carry out several actions and activities in the field of mutual learning (training and consultancy), international marketing activities and trade missions in order to prepare companies for international competition and for improving their export and innovation skills. 


In the beginning of the project the Istanbul Readywear Cluster prepared a needs analysis, which helped prepare a roadmap by determining the expectations and needs of cluster firms, the markets targeted by the cluster firms and planned to enter.


To this end as IHKIB we are planning to organize B2B meetings in Maastricht for the Istanbul Readywear Cluster are in search for a PR Agency / Consulting Agency which will support us.



Scope of Work:


The scope of the work will involve Istanbul Readywear Cluster to travel to Maastricht Holland and conduct the following activities:


  1. Collection Guidance in Company Showrooms in Turkey
  2. Seminar on Garment Industry and Dutch Market in Turkey
  3. B2B Meetings (at Crowne Plaza Maastricht)




The Service Provider shall provide the following service to IHKIB


  1. Collection Guidance in Istanbul: The service provider will travel to Istanbul-Turkey for five days to visit our readywear cluster companies' facilities/showrooms (21 in total) and conduct a micro analysis on the following: samples, fabrics, market & sales, social compliance and Dutch market entry capabilities. 
  2. Delivery of Company Analysis Reports: After the analysis the service provider will provide one-page reports regarding his/her findings and give a general overview of the dutch readywear market to our cluster companies. The frame/format of reports will be provided by IHKIB.
  3. Seminar on Dutch Market Analysis: A comprehensive informing presentation about the market and the b2b event in Maastricht (opportunities/limitations, product prices, volumes, delivery terms, payment terms, qualities, operational models etc.)
  4. Development and Organisation of Database: a database of potential/suitable buyers will be developed and organized for the Istanbul Readywear Cluster.  The database will be completed by the service provider which will need to be approved by IHKIB.
  5. Prospection Calls and Individual Contact:  the service provider will conduct calls and individual contacts with potential buyers on behalf of IHKIB and Istanbul Readywear Cluster and organize B2B meetings.  An agenda of meetings will be shared with IHKIB and the Istanbul Readywear Cluster.
  6. B2B Buyers Acquisition:  Service Provider will be responsible for inviting and confirming at least 10 sales meeting for each participating manufacturer which will be pre-scheduled in 10 days before the meeting.  Service provide, will match buyers with cluster companies and finalize the meetings calendar.
  7. Press Interviews: The Service Provider will be responsible for arranging interviews between the attending press and a representative of IHKIB with the prior approval of IHKIB.
  8. Press Releases: The Service Provider will be responsible for distributing press releases, prepared by IHKIB to local and international journalists and media outlets. 
  9. Press Follow Up:  The Service Provider will be responsible for accumulating all publications relating to the participation of IHKIB to b2b event in Maastricht World Fashion Convention published up and until a period of two months following the World Fashion Convention. 
  10. Project Manager: The Service Provider will be responsible for designating at least one project manager who will be present throughout the B2B event and Press Interviews to ensure that an efficient administration process is achieved.
  11. Follow up: the service provider will organize a questionnaire to participants and potential clients/buyers:  to evaluate the visit and analyse the success ratio of the event.


Company Visits Date: September 2018


Presentation/Seminar Venue: Foreign Trade Center in İstanbul

Presentation/Seminar Date: September 2018


B2B Event Place: Maastricht / Holland

B2B Event Date: 8th of October 2018     


Interested parties are kindly requested to submit following documents to IHKIB via mail to Çobançeşme Mevkii, Sanayi Cad. Dış Ticaret Kompleksi B Blok Yenibosna / İstanbul by the end of working hours on August 20th 2018, Monday.


Interested parties need to send their quotes via e-mail.


Proposal will require the following documentations:


  1. Company Background Information
  2. Team Information
  3. Scope of Services
  4. Methodology
  5. Deliverables
  6. Min. 3 References (specifically on apparel)
  7. Case Study – B2B Experience
  8. Financial Proposal – financial proposal should include VAT and must be valid for a minimum of 30 days.


Deadline for Application: 20th of August 2018













ANNEX - 1 Financial Proposal/Quote


Proposal Title                                   : Maastricht B2B Event

Name of Service Provider:          : … … … … … … … … …



Proposed Service


Collection guidance in showrooms for 21 manufacturers & presentation*(5 man/day)




Proposed Service

Fee per buyer

Planned Number of Buyer Acquisition

Brand/Buyer acquisition for cluster




* Offered quote is valid until 01/01/2019.


Note: The bids to be submitted will be given per buyer, in USD, including VAT and will be stated separately in writing and figures. The tenderer agrees that the given quote is in accordance with the scope, procedures and principles of the work in the attached technical condition. App 21 companies in Istanbul Readywear Cluster are expected to participate in the event.



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