MICAM AND LINEAPELLE STAND OFFER - Deadline 14 September 2018

To whom it may concern,


Price and project offers for the stand construction and decoration of the fairs:


Micam and Lineapelle (Milano/ITALY, February 2019 and September 2019 terms and / probably for the continuing terms in 2020 optionally to be discussed)


ITKIB will organize Turkish national participation with around 30-35 different companies at Micam and 20-25 different companies at Lineapelle, approximately a total of around 1.000 sqm for Micam and around 500 sqm for Lineapelle scattered within the different Halls.


The stated offers must be sent with three-dimensional drawing, with indicating the materials that will be used. The general structure and look of the stand should be displayed according to Turkey Discover the Potential Guidelines, also the inner displaying items such as shelves, racks etc may vary according participating company's needs and products for both fairs.

Companies that wish for a different stand may be offered solutions according to the Turkey Discover the Potential Guidelines for Stand Decorations and must get approval of ITKIB for the design and the additional costs.

Additional costs will be reflected on participating companies by Stand Contractor.


The whole costs related with the stand construction will be counted to the offered price. The stated expenditures are:


_ Purchasing the equipment of the stand decoration, construction and production if needed

_ Transportation of the equipment to the fair site, customs clearance and storing if needed

_ Assembly of the stand equipment and disassembly at the end of the fair and emptying the fair

_ A strong Lighting of the stands (150 W daylight) and setting up the electric connection (except the consumption cost)

_ The responsibility of the potential accidents that can be occurred during the transportation of the stands, assembly and disassembly. (According the worker health and job security regulations)

_ Units to display the shoes as lightened shelves for Micam and strong leather racks for Lineapelle, display platforms and other required materials in order to ensure an effective and modern display,

_ Stand Equipment for each stand such as chairs, tables, signage boards (with logos of the companies, 3-D or lighted system may also be considerable), lockable drawers, waste baskets, power sockets, refrigerator, etc

_ visual printings at the outer side of the stands, (may be limited per the number of company or per sqm or in total)

_ Platform on the floor, storage with doors for each stand

_ Closed stand system for Micam with lockable door and closed or opened stand system for Lineapelle with locakable door or another kind of mechanism

_ The design should be suitable for the shoe companies and for the leather companies and should have modern and elegant look,

_ Different & Alternative Design projects are also welcomed to be considered

_ (Only for Micam) Design and apply of an info stand/office/lounge area for ITKIB ( organizer ) with an info desk, info chair, brochure holders, table, armchair, lockable drawers, refrigerator, coffee machines and water heater & cooler with enough electrical connections, fax and print machines


We kindly request you to send us your stand construction project in 3D drawing, price offer per sqm alongside with the equipment list per sqm and the details of the materials used of your project and other related data up to 14 September 2018


We are attaching two 3D drawings to show how the "Turkey Discover the Potential" can be used in a stand.


The stand in the drawing is relatively big and we're attaching it just to show how the logo is handled correctly.

Stand Guidelines:


Logo Guidelines:


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