Proposal Request For Construction In APLF Hong Kong Exhibition ( 31 March-2 April 2020 )


Dear All,


We will be taking part in APLF Hong Kong Leather & Materials+ Exhibition in 2020 with about 900 sqm area with 35 exhibitor companies in 885 sqm plus 15 sqm with info stand area within our pavilion.

I would like to ask you about your design and quotation proposal in circumference of the conditions seen below until the deadline of 20th of September.  

We would like to present, ITKIB, abbreviation of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association, which is semi-governmental organization. ITKIB organize lots of promotion facilities in order to find new markets and increase the market shares of its members, besides the other services provided to the ready to wear and apparel industry, textile and raw materials, leather and its products and carpet sectors. It organizes the national participation of its members to the international fairs within the context of those promotion facilities. It has made it imperative to be image enhancing of the stand equipments used in those fairs, since the sectors related with our Association interest in fashion and brands directly and it is important to hold the quality of sectoral and national image high, in those sectors.

We are asking for price and project offers for the stand construction and decoration of the fair: APLF – Asia Pacific Leather Fair 2020 (Hong Kong; 31 March -2 April 2020) that ITKIB will organize Turkish national participation with several leather and materials companies, approximately a total of 900 sqm at Hall 3BE as shown at the attached plans. We are planning to have 35 exhibitor companies with 885 sqm and plus 15 sqm with info stand area within our pavilion. (The placement of the companies will be sent later)

The stated offers must be sent with three-dimensional chart, with indicating the materials that will be used. The whole costs related with the stand construction will be counted to the offered price.

The stated expenditures are:

_ Purchasing the equipment of the stand decoration and construction, and production if needed

_ Transportation of the equipment to the fair site, customs clearance and storing if needed

_ Assembly of the stand equipment and disassembly at the end of the fair and emptying the fair

_ Lighting the stands and setting up the electric connection (except the consumption cost)

_ The responsibility of the potential accidents that can be occurred during the transportation of the stands, assembly and disassembly. (According the worker health and job security regulations)

_ Units to display the leather and leather goods and other goods such as racks, shelves other required materials in order to ensure an effective and modern display.

_ Stand equipments for each stand such as chairs, tables, signage boards (with logos of the companies), welcome desk, printing visuals on the walls, storage with lockable door, lockable drawers, waste baskets, power sockets, mirrors, hangers, etc.

_ Design and apply info stand area for ITKIB

  • Office and Info: info desk, info chair, brochure holders, office table and chairs, armchair, fax machine, internet connection and wi-fi, storage with lockable door, lockable drawer etc..
  • Printing visuals on the walls of each area.

Also please note that:

-       As this is a fashion fair, the stand designs should be stylish

-       It will be national participation and a national pavilion. The design and concept should be reflecting that. Also the entrance of the Turkish pavilion should be completing this situation.

-       The participants are leather companies, some of their goods are heavy and the hanging racks should be strong enough to carry the heavy leather garments. The length of the racks should be adjustable.

We kindly request you to send us your stand construction project, price offer per sqm alongside with the equipment list per sqm of your project and other necessary info until 20 September 2019.

If you need any question feel free to contact us.